Korea has achieved rapid economic development and socio-cultural growth. We have also made remarkable advances in medicine, boasting the world's highest level of medical care, and are thought to have reached the highest academic level. Remarkably, the field of radiation medicine has played a pivotal role at the heart of cutting-edge medicine.
The Institute of Radiation Medicine, established in 1997, is a multidisciplinary research institute under the Medical Research Center at Seoul National University. Composed mainly of the departments of Radiation Oncology, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, the institute aims to achieve mutual cooperation, academic exchange, and joint research in the field of radiation medicine.
The institute holds an annual symposium, a multidisciplinary academic event for in-depth discussion on the latest topics in radiation medicine, facilitation of joint research and promotion of sustainable development of the departments. The institute holds monthly seminars as well. We shall try hard to contribute continuously to the advances of radiation medicine.
Jin-Mo Goo
Director of the Institute of Radiation Medicine