Not many people have major in forensics or forensic science in Korea. The Institute of Forensic and Anthropological Science under the Medical Research Center, Seoul National University holds a distinct position in this barren situation. Since its establishment in 2007, it has not only expanded its advanced knowledge in forensic medicine and forensic science through various research achievements, but also helped solve various controversial cases and judgments through cooperation with law enforcement agencies. It can be said that it has made a great contribution to sustain the society. In 2019, there was a citation by the Governor of the Jeju-do of the Institute as part of the recognition of the activities. It was a token of appreciation for the identification of the discovered remains of the Jeju Uprising related to forensic genetics.
The institute consists of four areas, namely forensic pathology, forensic genetics, medical law, and paleoanthropology. In addition, adjunct professors and research professors are actively utilized to work with experts in various fields.
Director. Soong Deok Lee