Forensics and forensic sciences are not just academic studies, but an expertise which requires careful application of the results of the investigated cases. Interpretation of controversial issues can be changed as the society changes, and the case under investigation can be in such a situation. Eventually, in order to meet the needs of society, it is necessary to go beyond the classrooms in the university and to actively interact with various people and institutions in the society, which lead to a conception of the Institute. In the end, the establishment of the Institute not only shares the basic goals of revitalizing academics and nurturing the next generation of forensics and forensic sciences with the Department of Forensic Medicine, but also meets the needs of forensics and forensic sciences and ultimately contributes to the welfare of the society and the protection of human rights.


2007.05.10. Decision to establish the Institute of Forensic and Anthropological Science
08.06. Established
08.06. Professor Jung-bin Lee appointed as 1st director
08.06. Professor Yoon-Seong Lee appointed as Secretary and Dean of Medical
08.06. Professor Soong-deok Lee appointed as Planning Committe Member and Dean of Forensic Genetics Division
08.06. Professor Sung-ho Yoo appointed as Dean of Forensic Pathology Division
08.06. Professor Dong-hoon Shin appointed as the Faculty of Pathology
12.30. Hae-ok Lim appointed as researcher
2008.06.01. Gi-Dae Bok appointed as visiting researcher at the Faculty of Anthropology
09.01. Chang-Seok Oh appointed as a researcher at the Faculty of Anthropology
2009.03.01. Professor Seong-Ho Yoo dispatched overseas
06.01. Professor Yoon-Seong Lee as 2nd Director and Dean of Medical Law Division
06.01. Jae-woong Moon appointed as researcher at Medical Law Division
06.01. Seung-yeop Yang appointed as researcher at Medical Law Division
06.01. Sun-Jung Kim appointed as researcher of Medical Law Division
12.01. Chang-woo Son appointed as researcher of Medical Law Division
2010.08.01. Sung-hee Ryu appointed as assistant researcher
11.04. Awarded the Scientific Investigation Award (Professor Lee Yoon-Seong)
2011.09.01. Professor Seong-Ho Yoo reinstated
06.01. Young-deok Lim appointed as senior researcher at Medical Law Division
06.01. Dong-sun Kwak  appointed as researcher at Medical Law Division
10.01. Business agreement with Wonkwang University Graduate School of Law
2012.01.14. Foundation of The Korean Society of Pathology
07.31. Agreement with Maritime Police Agency
12.01. Kyung-ae Kim as visiting researcher at Medical Law Division
2013.08.01. Won-Joon Lee as researcher of Biological Anthropology and Paleopathology
11.22. Partnership with Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute, India
2014.09.01. Su-Jeong Park as senior researcher
2015.10.01. Professor Soong-Deok Lee as 3rd Director
10.01. Professor Dong-Hoon Shin at School of Anthropology appointed as the Planning Committe
11.05. Scientific Investigation Award (Professor Lee Soong-Deok)
2016.03.01. So-Hee Cho appointed as Senior Researcher
03.29. Agreement with the Institute of Problems of the Development of the north, Tyumen, Siberia, Russia
09.01. Moon-Young Kim as Senior Researcher
09.01. Professor Kyu-Won Jung of Hanyang University appointed as Adjunct Professor
2018.10.01. Professor Hwan-Young Lee appointed as Adjunct Researcher
11.28. Excellence Prize on Safe Laboratory in Seoul National University
12.18. The 70th Anniversary Award on the Jeju Uprising
2019.01.01. Research Assistant Professor So-Hee Cho appointed
03.01. Research Assistant Professor Moon-Young Kim appointed