The Institute of Environmental Medicine was established on January 5th, 1990 to investigate the health effects of physical, chemical, and biological environmental factors, to provide information for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of environmental diseases, and to train specialists in environmental epidemiology and occupational medicine

* Epidemiological studies for assessment of health effects of air pollution and dust storm by using biological markers
* Exposure assessment for hazardous chemicals in workplaces and environment and development of biomarkers
* Development of monitoring systems for environmental and occupational diseases
* Environmental carcinogens and human body sensitivity: biomarkers and genetic polymorphisms study
* Exposure to environmental hazards and health effects in elderly
* Children’s cohort development


2012.08 Hold international conference with ISEE-ISES annually
2012.11 Annual elderly’s health check-ups at Jong-no and Gil-eum elderly’s welfare center
2012.01 Collaboration with Neo-din Medical Research Center
2012.03 Collaboration with Seoul National University Hospital for annual children’s health check-ups
2013.01 Hold international conference annually
2014.04 Develop mothers’ and the elderly’s database
2015.05 Recruit and follow up pregnant women for national children’s environmental health birth cohort
2016.10 Establish recognition criteria for the health damage from humidifier disinfectant use
2017.01 Run AIRCAP for international cooperation in East Asia