Welcome to the Institute of Health Policy and Management, Medical Research Center, Seoul National University.

The Institute studies on health and healthcare from a multidisciplinary perspective that incorporates humanities and social sciences as well as medical sciences. In addition to basic and theoretical research on health and health care, the Institute conducts a variety of studies, including conducting and evaluating health projects to improve the population's health and quality of life, and implementing policy research to suggest health and healthcare policies.
These studies require making an appropriate choice on research methods at the micro, medium, and macro levels and amalgamating approaches at those levels for identifying problems and conceiving countermeasures. They also require an understanding of the complex interactions between the structures of the social and healthcare systems and the activities of various actors.
The information on this website provides an overview of the research results of the Institute and its members from various backgrounds. I hope you take time to explore and know more about us. Thank you.
Director. Young Kyung  Do