Welcome to the Neuroscience Research Institute.

Nervous system functions such as sensations, movement, emotions, and cognition are essential for a healthy life, and abnormalities in the nervous system cause various diseases. However, the brain is said to be the last unknown area for the humankind to explore, and there is a lack of understanding of the mechanisms of neurological disease as well as the basic principles of nervous system functions.
In the Institute, professors from the basic medicine such as physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, pharmacology, and pathology, and from the clinical medicine such as neuroscience, psychiatry, neurosurgery, and rehabilitation medicine gathered to conduct the highest level of neurology research in Korea. In addition, through active joint research between the basic and clinical areas of the Institute, it works as a cradle for nurturing physician scientists who will lead the neuroscience field.
Regular seminars, workshops, and academic symposiums are held to solidify the academic network among professors and researchers. The Institute will continue to grow as a leading neuroscience research institute in Korea.
Sang-Jeong Kim, Director of the Neuroscience Research Institute