The Neuroscience Research Institute, a part of the Medical Research Center, Seoul National University, aims to investigate the principles of the nervous system and to overcome brain disease by identifying its mechanism

Base Study

Basic Research

The institute targets to understand the complex functions of the nervous system at the molecular and cellular level, whose scope of study includes basic research, mechanisms of memory in the molecular level, interactions between brain cells, brain cell migration and synapse formation, regulation and gene identification of neurotransmitter receptors and the involved enzymes along with their gene expression, brain aging mechanisms, study on brain function using brain imaging. It also elucidates the mechanism of disease in neuroscience.
Clinical Study

Clinical Research

In the institute, medical staffs and scientists work together to identify the etiology of and develop techniques for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of neurodegenerative diseases such as chronic pain, dementia and Parkinson's disease, stroke, tumors, epilepsy, spinal diseases, infections, degeneration and metabolic disorders, developmental abnormalities, abnormal exercise, and mental disorders.