"Welcome to the Transplantation Research Institute"

As the medical technology develops, the organ transplantation is now an important issue to best treat end-stage organs in an aging society. Moreover, the organ transplantation is the core chapter of multidisciplinary approach to novel technologies.
The Organ Transplant Research Institute of Seoul National University Medical College was established in 2002. Since then, we have conducted organ transplant researches for the highest standards of clinical organ transplant technology in Korea, which has reached the forefront of the world.
We have established the research infrastructure for transplantation immunology at earlier time in Korea and have conducted intervention studies using mouse and human specimens. We have also conducted studies on primate transplants at the only primate research facility in Korea.
Based on these basic research capabilities, we are developing new drugs in collaboration with the clinical trial center of Seoul National University Hospital. Organ transplantation is a comprehensive multidisciplinary medicine and involves researchers from diverse fields including basic medicine, laboratory medicine, surgeons, physicians, pathologists, etc. The researchers are gathering together and actively conducting researches through mutual synergy at the institute. With these these efforts, we aim to become a world-class institute beyond the main organ transplant center in Korea.
Chunggyu Park, Director of the Transplantation Research Institute