The Organ Transplant Research Institute (TOTRI) has been trying to develop advanced treatments for patients with end-stage organs and chronic organ dysfunctions. TOTRI has conducted researches for decades on the xenotransplantation, immune-tolerance, and immunotherapy, in an effort to overcome donor shortages and to minimize side-effects after organ transplantations.
The TOTRI has been working on the novel immunosuppressant to minimize adverse effects and the novel antibodies to induce immune-tolerance. We look forward to the novel transplantation in the clinical fields in the future.
The TOTRI carries out researches with interest in the following fields and aims at understanding the organ transplantation and promoting human well-being and health.


2002.02 Established Transplant Research Institute.
Professor Sang-Joon Kim as the 1st president of the research center.
2004 Xenotransplantation R& D Project credited by Ministry of Health and Welfare.
2007 Professor Curie Ahn as the 2nd president of the research center.
2007 ~ 2011. Co-host of Organ Transplantation Symposium in autumn with The Korean Association of Immunologists.
2008 Collaboration research with Massachusetts General Hospital.
2008 ~ 2017 Established the course of translational medicine (immunology) in the graduate school of medicine.
2008 ~ 2009 Collaboration research with The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI).
2012 Professor Seong Hoe Park as the 3rd president of the research center.
2009 The first outcome of xenotransplantation and allotransplantation of pancreas, kidney, and liver, collaborated with National Primate Research Center (established in 2009).
2018 Professor Jongwon Ha as the 4th president of the research center.
2018 Co-host of International Organ Transplantation Symposium
2022 Professor Chung Gyu Park as the 5th president of the research center.