Understanding the mental functions of human mind and behavior based on the higher-level human central nervous system is considered the last step in modern brain research. Psychological and sociological approaches in the past have revealed their limitation, and the modern biological approach also has limitations. Reductionism in modern science has identified some factors for specific areas of behavior, however, has limited the ability to explain the overall complex human behavior. The nature of human mind and behavior could be revealed in the integrated understanding of the brain, environment, and psycho-social relationship. It also requires understanding of normal and abnormal psychology altogether.
Institute of Human Behavioral Medicine (IHBM) was established to study the basis of normal, abnormal and pathologic human mind and behavior in various individuals and cultures with multidisciplinary approach. We explore the cognitive, emotional, and perceptive aspects of human behaviors beyond mental disorders, and pursue integrated research in the fields of basic medicine and clinical medicine, as well as multidisciplinary cooperative research in various fields, including biology, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, medical engineering, and computer science. This aims to promote a holistic understanding of human behavior and to promote mental health. We will present a new paradigm for understanding human behavior by providing a platform for consilience and emergence.
Jun Soo Kwon M.D., Ph.D. Director of the Institute of Human Behavioral Medicine