Department of Basic Brain-Mind-Behavior Research

Department of Basic Brain-Mind-Behavior Research studies normal, abnormal and pathologic human behavior and associated factors in individuals, groups, and cultures. The department's research field includes psychology, anthropology, cognitive science, genetics, brain science and emotional science.

Department of Clinical and Pathological Brain-Mind-Behavior Research

Department of Clinical and Pathological Brain-Mind-Behavior Research studies pathophysiology, etiology, treatment and prevention of pathologic human behavior and mental disorders. The department's research field includes pathophysiology of behavioral and mental disorders in children, adolescents, adults and elderly people. Research methodology encompasses epidemiology, molecular biology, neuroimaging(MRI, PET and EEG), electrophysiology, neurocognitive function tests, computer science and bioinformatics.

Detailed Research Department

1) Research Division of Help-Seeking Behavior
 This division aims to provide environment where help-seeking individuals can get appropriate help when needed. It also aims to understand multidisciplinary factors facilitating help-seeking behavior.
2) Research Division of Illness Behavior
 This division aims to understand the patient as a human, a family member and a member of the society; and th understand various internal and external experiences during the illness and treatment processes. The division's goal includes providing continuous care and support for the patien by understanding and predicting the patient's behavior.
3) Research Division of Communication Skill
 This division provides education and research to facilitate skills of communication, problem solving and competence as a professional/researcher/thacher. The division aims to augment positive impacts on treatment outcome by facilitating these skill.
4) Research Division of Biopsychosocial Aspect of Human Behavior
 This division studies biological and social aspects of human behavior. It aims to understand the process of normal and abnormal biopsychosocial behaviors, to prevent abnormal behaviors and to facilitate human adaptation to environment.
5) Research Division of Personality Development
 This division studies on development of personality. Thus, it aims to understand individual factors influencing human behavior and to study individual variation of behavior. Its aim especially focuses on understanding of children and adolescents and factors in fluencing human behavior on the continuum of adulthood from adolescence.
6) Research Division of Clinical Behavioral Science
 This division aims th understand human behaviors in clinical conditions. The study field includes not only patients with mental disorders but also healthy individuals. Its aim is further understanding of pathologic behavior like we understand common human behaviors.