With active research into the brain, the neuroscience knowledge of human high-level central functions such as memory, language, attention, and emotions is expanding day by day.

However, the understanding of the human mind, mind, and behavioral functions is limited only by the biological approach, as it is was limited by the simple psychological and sociological approaches in the past. Therefore, many researchers admit that understanding of human mind and behavior can only be revealed in the environment or psycho-social organic relationship based on the brain. Further understanding of human brain, mind and behavior can be achieved when studies on not only normal psychology but also abnormal psychology are conducted together.

The Seoul National University School of Medicine is the main driver of the research network that enables a comprehensive and multi-dimensional approach to human psychology-behavior. The Institute for Human Behavior Medicine aims to pursue in various aspects knowledge of normal, abnormal and pathological human minds, behaviors and their sources in all conditions, including individuals, groups and cultures. Its main purpose is to promote understanding of human behavior and mental health through basic medical and clinical medical research on prevention and treatment of human behavior, including the nature and etiology of mental disorders. Against this backdrop, the Institute for Human Behavior Medicine was established in March 2003.