Affiliated institutes

Sensory Organ Research Institute

The Sensory Organ Research Institute studies mechanisms that can prevent or restore the loss of sensory function. The Institute systematizes this field of study and trains professionals and contributes to the social welfare by promoting the standard of healthcare. The research scope of the Institute covers the function of sensory organs to sense changes in the environment such as hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch. The Institute aims to find the ultimate solution by identifying mechanisms that prevent or restore loss of sensory functions. Specifically, it targets to find and characterize the morphological and physiological similarities and specificities of each peripheral sensory organ. It also utilizes animal models to study the progress and restoration mechanism of the functional loss.

The research scope is further extended to the cerebral cortex changes due to the central transmission pathway and functional change of input information, leading to an ultimate goal of suggesting an appropriate treatment model according to the similarity and specificity of sensory organs. The degenerative disorders of the sensory system due to aging will soon become social problems due to the aging of people, and the number of patients with sensory and communication disorders has increased due to the development of diagnostic technology and medicine. This necessitates the support from a national center, such as NIDCD in the USA, that studies sensory functions to systematize the relevant field, train professionals, and improve the health care standard that contributes to the social welfare.